Goodlander Experience Training (GET)


GET training is an approach to altering experience such that a person is more capable in their personal and professional life. It is founded on the idea that ontological (not psychological) Experience-Repetition (ER) is the fundamental problem holding back human development.  

Learn to work with the fundamental forces that shape experience and communication at the foundational level.


Most programs aimed at personal or professional development focus on the mental level. They are designed to give participants new ways of thinking so that they feel smarter in life or work. While they do provide a temporary lift and usually there are a few golden insights, they rarely make people more capable. More often the program sparkle slowly fades and the student is off in search for the next shiny offering. 

The problem is that most personal and professional development programs lack the depth to endure. They operate at the motivational level or the intellectual level instead of an ontological level that will keep generating results over the years. They seek to temporarily add to the participants enthusiasm and knowledge rather than how they truly experience themselves in the world on a moment-to-moment, day-to-day, year-to-year basis. They fail to address the underlying structures of experience that keep the participant locked into repetitive patterns of perception and behavior. They take a knowledge based approach to what is a deeper ontological and contextual exploration. Instead of working with innovation at the experiential level they stay on the surface of perspective and design never penetrating beneath to the invisible assumptions that keep new forms from coming into being. 

Goodlander Experience Training is just the opposite. GET represents a series of meetings where the participant's "experience acquisition" is always put before their "knowledge acquisition" and the context of their present is always priority over any imaginings of the future or explanations of the past.  GET allows the participant to establish a presence and extend their sense of themselves and the world in such a way that new landscapes appear and new doorways are recognized. 

Knowledge only becomes useful when we have the ability to identify  context.  The "experience of context"  brings together otherwise disparate elements into a unified whole that enhances  presence and performance in any human endeavor.  GET works directly with the ontological aspect of experience at the context level. 

Fulfillment and satisfaction, effectiveness and high level performance, all exist in an onto-contextual framework that is experienceable. However, only a highly developed master of context has the ability  to bring each of them together into one integral whole. 

GET is the study of how experience occurs for individuals and groups on a moment-to-moment basis.

All of life exists in relationship. Personal & professional relationships shape who we are and how far we go. 


Everything and everyone is connected. We live in a series of contextual spaces that interconnect in a way that forms our contextual ecosystem. Our  contextual ecosystem is a kind of extended metascape in which the contours of what we are able to experience  are invisibly set. Most of us become invisibly bound to this metascape doomed to keep repeating our patterns of behavior. We repeat the same basic thought patterns, behave basically the same way, and in return keep being limited by what we think the world is and how we think we are. We are stuck in a series of self-referencing mental loops of our own making. For the unawakened  mind, our lives are like ground hogs day, we just keep repeating our patterns over and over. We relate not to the people and opportunities that are present around us, but to outdated thinking that keeps us more like a sophisticated robot than a human being. 

GET provides us with a way out of the invisible patterns of behavior that keep us stuck in our status quo. Through GET we can wake up and experience life in an entirely new way. We can actually see with new eyes, feel with a new heart, find new professional opportunities, and deepen the relationships with the people whom really matter in our lives. 

GET works directly with the ontological aspect of experience at the context level.